How to Write with Verbs

John Fund, of, shows how it’s done. Behold the vigorous verbs from his latest column:

  • trade. “Tonight 10 Republicans go on stage to trade sound bites in a debate at the Reagan Library in Los Angeles.”
  • swept aside. “In every election some conventional wisdom is swept aside.”
  • scoop up. “Rivals scoop up cash, campaign talent and endorsements while noncandidates sit and wait.”
  • battered. “While official candidates are scrutinized relentlessly for gaffes and battered by ‘independent’ opposition groups, noncandidates can be selective in their media exposure and appear high-minded.”
  • top. “A straw poll at the Oklahoma Republican Party's convention saw noncandidates Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich top the field.”
  • fuels. “Persistent doubts about Hillary Clinton's electability or Barack Obama's seasoning fuels speculation that Al Gore or some other savior will enter the race.”
  • parachute. “Even if he doesn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize this fall, he could parachute into the presidential race.”

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