Frame the Conversation

Has Become This
estate tax
death tax
government takeover of healthcare
Department of War
Department of Defense
enhanced interrogation techniques
dolphin fish
mahi mahi
Patagonian toothfish
Chilean sea bass
dried plums

Addendum (8/4/2015): A Renegade Trawler, Hunted for 10,000 Miles by Vigilantes:

“Consumer demand for toothfish skyrocketed in the 1980s and 1990s after a Los Angeles-based seafood wholesaler decided to rename the oily fish Chilean sea bass to make it more appealing to the American market. An ugly bottom dweller, found only in the earth’s coldest waters, the toothfish can grow over six feet long and weigh more than 250 pounds. The rebranding worked a little too well. More fishing boats targeted toothfish, and now some scientists say that its population is disappearing at an unsustainable rate, though it is unclear how fast.”

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